We are a long established East Lothian club, where anyone with an interest in folk music (the term is adhered to very loosely) can come to listen or contribute.

Most of our evenings are of the 'singaround' variety; anyone who wants to, can have a go at showing off their musical achievements. We have occasional guest nights, featuring professional folk musicians, and shorter 'spots' featuring one of our members.

Perhaps you sing or play a musical instrument, or are learning to do so, or perhaps you just like to listen and be entertained. Whatever your level of interest, come and give us a try.

Visitors Welcome! Bring your instruments or just yourself.            Venue

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Data protection

General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR)

Haddington Folk Club • Privacy Notice

Haddington Folk Club (HFC) as an unincorporated association (small club) collects members data to facilitate the communication of information regarding club activities to members past and present.

HFC recognises and accepts its responsibilities as set out in the GDPR and will take all reasonable steps to handle personal data properly.         HFC has no permanent address but meets regularly at the Mercat Hotel, Haddington but no data is held there either in hardcopy or electronically.

Data Collected:  Name, postal address, email address and telephone numbers.

How the Data is collected: When new members join the club they are asked to provide the above information and will be given a copy of this Privacy Notice.

Visitors to the club are asked to complete an entry in the Visitors Book, which is in their own handwriting and this information is only kept as a matter of interest and is not recorded electronically.

Data Storage:  The data is stored on the Club Co-ordinator's desktop computer in an encrypted file. The Club Chairman retains a hardcopy for day to day use which is held in a domestic filing cabinet.

No data transmission over the internet is 100% secure and HFC cannot guarantee the security of anything transmitted and is therefore sent at the individual's risk.

An individuals details will be removed from the club's database at their request.

The club holds events where photographs may be taken which may appear on the club's website or online media. Wherever possible the club will remove photographs at the request of an individual who appears in them.

Basis for processing:

The legitimate interests of the data controller (Club Co-ordinator).

Third Party Access: The data is not given to club members other than the above and there is no third party access to the data held.

How long is the data held:  The data is held until a member requests its deletion or on the death of an individual.

Data is not automatically deleted when members cease to pay their subscriptions as they may still have an ongoing interest in the club's activities.

Notification to members of the club's Privacy Notice: This notice will be provided to everyone registered as a member at 30th April 2018 and will be displayed on the club website from 1st July 2018.

The Privacy Notice will be reviewed annually with a view to ensuring that it complies with GDPR.

Alex Stewart

HFC Committee Chairman

29th May 2018

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